Mini-Movies (short video clips)

Did you know that half a billion people watch videos on Facebook every single day? That's a lot of video watching, but it's not the end of the story because adding YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and other channels into the mix easily doubles up that figure!


Online video is here to stay, but traditionally the cost of producing promotional videos has been out of reach for many small businesses - until now.

Video Productions or Mini Movies enable small business owners – butchers, bakers and candlestick makers – to showcase their business with a short customisable video, in a professionally-designed yet affordable package.

Video Really Is King These Days!

A video is a brilliant addition to traditional website design and other social media marketing channels and is the primary way content is consumed by today's younger generation.  You might decry the annihilation of the written word but you'll be raging against the dying of the light.

Video conveys more emotion, touches the senses and imparts more information in a few short frames than many lengthy paragraphs of text which is of course why it is so popular.

Once you place an order we'll engage with you in determining what key elements should be included in the production and will best complement and enhance the message(s) that you would like to convey to your audience.

We Use A Project Board
We gather the required information to make the videos through the project board; Trello, which is easy to use on a PC, mobile or tablet device and you can revise your requirements up until the point at which the video goes into production.


What's Included In The Video?

Mini-movies are usually under a minute in length (typically 39 seconds) and usually showcase 2 - 4 major elements of your business or service.

if you don't have any experience producing video then not to worry because we can make suggestions for artwork and video sequences that will be perfect for your business.

We'll also include suitable music if required to pump up the volume.

Turnaround time is quick, typically your video will be ready within a few days after the requirements gathering has been completed and we'll keep you updated during the creation process. We gather this information through our project board; Trello, which is easy to use on a PC, mobile or tablet device and you can revise your requirements up until the point at which the video goes into production.

Video Aspect Ratio

Since most of our mini-movies are used on social media (Twitter, Instagram etc.) we generally work in the square aspect ratio (1080px x 1080px) as this the best format for mobile and tablet devices but we can also create widescreen aspect videos suitable for Youtube upon request.


Request A Free Quote

Please ask for our FREE, no-obligation quote! We can advise you on costs and make some suggestions for producing an outstanding mini-movie to promote your business.

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