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  1. Many of our design ideas are already incorporated within our incomplete Magento website .

  2. We would like the ability to show the amount of stock available, both to retail and wholesale customers.

  3. Brand banner

  4. Countdown banner

  5. Need Blog set up

  6. Configurable product detail page so can include ingredients & allergens, video links, other info.

  7. We are considering upgrading to the EKM Advanced package so we can use Trade Discounts.  Currently, Trade Discounts only shows the discounted price at checkout.  We would like to show both the discounted price and the RRP against each product.


As I mentioned I'd like to make you an offer you can't refuse!


Our pay monthly "The Works" plan at £300 (inc vat)  includes all site redevelopment fees, seo optimisation, social media management and creation of all mini-movies and animations for Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin if required.


The SEO is fully transparent. You get access to a spreadsheet where we list all the places your site has gained links from every month and any guest posts or PR we generate on your behalf.


The work we do on social media is clearly visible and, of course, the site design can be managed with this plan.

When you've established how your back-office system is going to work, let me know if there is anything I can help with as I have good experience in that area. Here's the FAQ for our pay monthly plans and pricing. Please contact me  if you need to know anything or call me on 07963 242210.



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