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You've done your research, and you know that Wix is the website design platform upon which you are going to launch your bid for world domination, but now you've got started, perhaps you didn't realise there is so much to learn?


Wix is one of the easiest to use of all drag and drop website builders, but that doesn't mean it does all the work for you, far from it. However, it will save you the drudgery of having to learn databases, hosting protocols, FTP, Security and all the other setup overheads associated with open source software like Wordpress or Joomla, and it's a lot cheaper to maintain into the bargain.

But what most users new to building websites don't bargain for is the amount of manual labour that goes into creating a fantastic looking site whichever platform you use to build it.


Without any basic image editing or layout skills, then getting your website to look just how you want it can be very time-consuming, the time you could put to better use by calling in a Wix website design expert!


Hire A Wix Expert And Get The Website you Deserve

Getting the right look and feel for your website is a sound long-term investment. You'll probably not change your Wix site for another three or four years, and all the graphics created (like your logo) can be reused in the future.


A Wix expert can do most things in hours that would take you days or even weeks to learn how to do.  Getting the design right requires patience because precisely lining up elements is painstaking work as you've no doubt found out if you are learning on the job.

The advantage of using Wix lies in its versatile layout tools. Visual grids and rulers make placing elements on the page very straightforward, but if you get stuck with overlapping layers or even hiding layers accidentally, you'll pay the price with both website speed and SEO impacting your overall website performance.


Professional Images 

Because Wix layouts rely heavily on visual imagery, they look fantastic when done right. However, when inappropriate stock imagery is used, or the image scaling and sizing isn't paid attention to appropriately, the result can be underwhelming. Get a Wix expert to design your website and provide the stunning images you need to make a dramatic first impression.

General Advice

Although Wix paid plans are superb value for money, as you move up the development ladder, you'll find that the options become more challenging to configure. For example, did you know that Wix has a complete booking system baked in ready to build a hotel reservation website? Or has eCommerce functionality that puts most PHP shopping carts to shame?


To get the most from these advanced features, a Wix expert will advise on the best components with which to build your website, and you won't have to redo it yourself three or four times over.


Wix Expert Plans Start From £250

Whatever your situation we can help to get your site live and fully functioning in days instead of weeks. Don't sit at the PC getting frustrated trying to learn design and layout when you could be putting that time to much better use. 


Our Wix expert help plan includes everything you need to get up and running fast. If you need a logo, we'll include logo design for you. If you need the entire menu system re-constructing, we can do that for you as well. Perhaps you need a list of products exported from a spreadsheet or other database into your new Wix store, we can take care of that for you as well no problem.


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