Crush Your Competition With A Pay Monthly Website Design

The problem with investing in information technology is that it's so damn expensive. It seems like every time you spend on something new, a better version gets released the week after.

In the case of computer hardware, then the only option you have to run the latest processing technology is out with the old and in with the new. But with the development of SAAS (software as a service) upgrading those devices "from the cloud" with the latest software is an automatic process.

SAAS is what happens when the Apps or Android system get updated on your smartphone, and you may use SAAS applications in your company like Salesforce, Slack or Docusign all of which you pay a monthly subscription for. We've come a long way since the days of using CD copying tools like Ghost to set up our company computer networks, and I'm old enough to remember them!

So what's my point?

I'm going to ask you to change how you view your investment in website design. Pay monthly websites could be the complete solution to all your internet marketing woes.

You see, the traditional way of working in software development is that you pay a deposit up front, say 50% of the total price, and then hand over the balance when the project is complete. Larger projects can be split into multiple "milestones" with recurring payments made as each milestone is reached.

I've built many websites for clients, but after taking full payment, a recurring theme was that the site would slowly grow stale because the owner wasn't capable of marketing it. Website design is one small part of the bigger picture – how do you get your customer to part with their three-digit security code?

It was frustrating to see so much money spent on the design and so little on the marketing. Then, at last, it dawned on me...

Building a website and leaving the client to figure out the marketing is like giving them the expensive exhibition stand but no staff to man it. It looks fantastic, but you'll never sell anything until you create a dialogue to engage with the customer.

That's when I realised that charging for website design is a lose/lose proposition. If I take your £3,000 and build you an eCommerce website that barely makes you any revenue, how would you feel about that? You lose, because you've spent a lot of money that you are unlikely to recoup, and I miss out because I can't upsell you other services.

To be able to convert customers into buyers, you have to be able to generate traffic to your website and also understand Google analytics enough so that you can build out landing pages and design email campaigns that work. Without this part, your website design on its own is useless.

There's a catch though. To be able to build a website that establishes credibility AND generates enough traffic to make it viable is a lot more expensive than just website design on its own. I have a great blog post that goes into specific cost detail if you want to know more about the cost of building a website.

Creating A WIN/WIN Solution

The way that Google works means that established websites are given higher ranking precedence over newer ones. This is because newer sites have less content and fewer citations to make them worthy of ranking. In general, it takes three to six months before your new website starts to appear for any search terms.

If you've paid £3,000 up front for your new website then that's six months you'll have to wait until you see any action at all in your bank account. And if you don't do any search engine optimisation or social media marketing work then, unfortunately, you'll probably never see any revenue at all.

Here's the bottom line...

To make things as simple as possible for you, I've split up the separate components of building a website into easily manageable pay monthly plans so that you can pick and choose which services you need. So, for example, a brand new site would pick both the website design and the SEO component to run together for a total cost of £500 per month.

If that sounds like a lot then consider this because it's the key take-away:

By the time you get to the six-month old mark, you'll have invested £3,000 in your new pay monthly website, the same as if you'd spent all your budget up front with a traditional digital agency. Only this time you'll also have six months of SEO and marketing into the bargain under your belt so traffic will be on the increase.

You'll have a much better chance of establishing a viable business by taking this two-pronged approach. Also, how often do you visit your favourite website and see that they've had a redesign or improved some of their features? It happens all the time, right? The reason is that by studying visitor behaviour patterns and statistics, you can create a better mousetrap or "sales funnel".

But you can only do this if you have current traffic statistics to analyse. So it's a catch 22. Without any visitor statistics to analyse, you can't improve the sales funnel, which is why it is essential to begin marketing your website at the same time you start building it.

By paying monthly, you ease the financial burden in the early stages when you have little or no website traffic and can then later "grease the wheels" as you pick up speed, continually improving and refining your sales pitch. Sounds pretty good right?

If you'd like to learn more about our pay monthly websites then this blog post has more detail for you or alternatively purchase a plan here. Now that I've given you the secret to crushing your competition contact us to see how we can help you build your business.

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