Do I Need A Logo, A Brand Or Both? What's The Difference?

Updated: May 10, 2019

A brand is the culmination of all the touch points where a company interacts with a customer. Whereas a logo is an easily recognisable visual representation of whom you are dealing with and a part of their identity.

Think of it this way:

When you start a company, you are the brand. Everything you do, everything you say is the embodiment of your own personal brand. How you interact with people, the discussions you have and the subsequent action you take is all part of the reputation that you nurture over time.

"Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room” Jeff Bezos, Founder Of Amazon.

As more people join your company, they take their cue from the top, and the company begins to develop a culture and perhaps owns a mission statement. These elements are part of your brand and company identity. Every employee contributes to brand awareness. If one employee is having a bad hair day and gives poor service, then that reflects on your company brand just as someone who smiles does, it encourages repeat business and gives a positive reflection.

Brand Identity

Your brand identity is how your company is perceived wherever it is mentioned or interacted with. It is intangible and flexible. You can't hold it in your hands and say “here is my brand”. Your brand is what people automatically think of your company when they hear the name.


A logo is part of your brand identity. The uniform that your staff wear and the livery that decorates your car fleet are also part of this identity. The promotional mugs, pens, hats, packaging, exhibitions and courses that display your logo all are part of your brand. This is why excellent logo design is essential to get right because it is often the first thing people notice when they interact with your company. A logo is the visible part of your brand iceberg.

Both a strong brand and a striking logo are essential to how your company is perceived, but ultimately it is what people think of your company, it's products and services that will determine your success.

The We Build Stores Logo Design Process

Whether a logo is typographic and straightforward or an intricated vector design, it has to convey what you want people to understand about the business, and this is where a good designer can make a massive difference to how your company is perceived. Many subliminal and subconscious techniques can be used to convey special meaning in what is typically a minimal space.

The logo design process we follow at We Build Stores means that we ask lots of questions, and your design brief allows us to think about the purpose of the logo and what it is going to represent.

So now you know the difference between a logo and a brand take a look at our custom logo design page or view our design portfolio. Any questions? Contact us!

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