Instructive Logo Design For The Savvy Business Owner

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

When you came up with your business or website design idea you probably had thoughts of what your fledgeling undertaking was going to look like in printed form. Once you have that idea in your mind you might join the rest of the herd at an online logo design tool and attempt to make something that might pass for a business identity. However, the savvy business owner knows that standing out from the crowd is not only a requirement, but it is also a prerequisite for online business success.

Distance yourself from the herd with a great logo design!
Distance yourself from the herd with a great logo design!

Not only does a great logo design set the tone and style for your new business endeavour. It also acts as a foundation stone against which the walls of all future business activity will brace. This is why corporate companies spend thousands or even hundreds of thousands of pounds on brand redesign when their business model or core business values change.

Fortunately, these days you don't have to spend enormous amounts of money to get a world-class business identity and I'm going to show you exactly why £149 for a logo from webuildstores is money well spent. Let's examine in detail why logo design is entwined with your online business success.

Your logo is the first image of your company that a potential customer is likely to see. If your logo is flakey around the edges, uses inappropriate typography or colours that don't compliment each other it can indicate that you don't care about how you present yourself to the world. First impressions count don't they? With so much imagery and information being absorbed from social media and other news channels, standing out from the crowd will give you an instant business advantage.

Think about how you would like your business to look on an Instagram feed. Instagram is rapidly becoming an influential consumer channel and making your feed look great requires great looking imagery.

Consider how people will view your Twitter profile. Trying to build a Twitter following worthy of the name is incredibly difficult and when you finally get profile views you want to make sure that you are putting your best foot forward. Don't turn off prospective customers by presenting them with a substandard business identity.

Talking of business identity there is a range of elements that can contribute to brand design: Company uniforms, business cards, product packaging, promotional items like coffee mugs and baseball caps all of which can be utilised to form a cohesive subliminal and promotional message to your prospective clients.

The True Cost Of Logo Design

When business owners embroil themselves in trying to design logos online they often end up frustrated with the experience. What is your time worth to you? How many hours are you going to spend getting something as fundamentally important as a logo design to the stage where it is presentable to a customer? Multiply these hours by your hourly rate to see why this is an ineffective strategy.

Good logo design has its roots in versatility (being able to be used across a variety of online and printed media) and recognition. It should inspire trust and convey authority or admiration. Remember that you will be holding up your candle to hundreds of other competitors in your niche all vying for attention in an increasingly cluttered marketplace. If your logo design is so important why would you give an amateur the job?

What Makes A Good Logo Design?

Do you know the difference between bitmap generated designs and vector art? Do you know why there are so many standards for graphic images on the web (png, jpg, gif etc)? Do you know why that logo you've seen looks great but you can't come close to replicating it for your own means?

The design is about solving a problem and not just making a pretty picture. Professional designers work with a multitude of skill sets to achieve the end goal including tools like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and this is married with an innate creative ability to visualise a concept. Sometimes a design will be obvious and can be made quickly, other times the creative process can be laborious and take many hours.

Good logo design is the product of many years experience and good use of the tools available. But isn't that true of any profession? Would you get under the hood of your brand new Mercedes to give it a service? Probably not, although all the manuals and information you need to get the job done are online. It's not worth your time and effort to get involved and you are better served to leave the task to an expert.

What We'll Need To Get Started:

To produce a great logo for you, first of all, we'll need a logo design brief. This is where you give us all the ingredients we need to bake the cake.

You will need to tell us:

1. What your business does or a website address.

2. What is the overall goal of the new project (for example a logo for our new website that can also be used for livery on our delivery trucks)?

3. What is your unique selling proposition (USP)?

4. Is this a new design or an update of an old design?

5. Do you have any examples of work you like?

Please use the contact form to get in touch.

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