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Updated: Oct 27, 2020

To wrap up this mini-series of blogs on blogging I'm going to pull all the pieces together so that you have an organised and structured content marketing plan to work with. You might like to bookmark this post.

Then, over the coming weeks, we will move on from the more run of the mill content stuff to some exciting advanced marketing techniques that will have you salivating over your copy of "campaign".

Before I do that, let's have a quick recap of the extensive blogging ground we have covered so far:

May 23rd: How to find your authentic blogging voice. In this blog post, I concentrate on showing you how to find your unique blogging style and give you an example of an author I admire and took inspiration from.

May 27th: Crush your competition with a pay monthly website design. Although it's not directly blog related, a pay monthly website will give you the financial breathing space you need to make your blog start working for you.

May 31st: Avoid Social Media. Instead, concentrate on building some mighty pillars of evergreen content.

June 15th: Build your blog into a marketing monster. How to write blog posts consistently and build your blog into an effortless marketing machine.

June 18th: How to write amazing copy that sells. 7 Tips that will help you make your website copy highly readable.

June 20th: Use a full range of emotion to help sell your product. My homage to Don Draper and my favourite "Mad Men" episode.

Blogging Is The Most Efficient Way To Dominate Your Market

Employing the brightest mathematical minds on the planet, building an algorithm that filters out the weak from the strong, the wheat from the chaff, the Google search engine determines what the best search results are for your query and displays them sandwiched between the paid for adverts top and bottom of the page.

There are alternatives to Google, but few people use them, and if they were a better tool for finding the information you need, then they would be Google!

In every iteration of the Google algorithm, there have been casualties who have fallen by the wayside. Hurricanes, Penguins and Panda updates have all exacted their terrible toll. You can obliterate a business by excluding it from search results, and some of the biggest and well- known websites have had their traffic reduced to a trickle overnight. Look at the recent plummeting figures for the as an example.

People will tell you that you shouldn't base your business model on search engine traffic alone and that it's wrong to rely on just one form of traffic to your site. But if Google didn't exist, then whatever replaced it would surely come to the same conclusion and rank the results in the same order?

Search exists to find the best answer to the question and making your website highly visible in those results is the holy grail of search engine optimisation.

Create A Useful, Information-Rich Site

Creating an information-rich site is your goal. Whatever your target market is, the written word makes up a large percentage of the way your website gets ranked in search results.

Blogging is the way to feed the search engine more information. Keep writing quality content about your core subject, and eventually, you will gain recognition for being an authority in your field.

Building a body of work that you are known for not only gives you valuable search engine traffic, it also gives you a good reason to promote your site on social media.

A lot of social media "experts" clamour for your business on Twitter, but most of them are missing the point. Being present on Twitter does not mean that you are going to be famous. What are you going to be famous for? Your blog and your content is the surfboard on which you ride the social media wave. Without it, you will flounder in the water and drown.

Content Marketing Is A Tortoise And Hare Combination

Building a blog worthy of the name is hard work. There are no shortcuts. There is no growth hacking your way to the top. It is the meat and potatoes of promoting your company on the Internet.

It will take six months of consistent effort to produce any meaningful results from a blogging campaign, and for those who persist, the rewards eventually far outweigh the effort involved in creating the content in the first place. Evergreen content, the kind that is always useful and doesn't become dated, pays for itself repeatedly.

Imagine what you could produce from two years of consistent blogging? That is the scale of the job ahead of you, but by doing the work, you are giving yourself the best possible chance of being found in organic search for years to come.

A Manifesto For New Bloggers

A good blog post takes around four or five hours to write and add at least an hour or two for research and image selection. Content pillars that form the backbone of your blog can be two or three days in the making.

Being in a settled environment and having an established routine are essential ingredients for writing your blog posts, it gives your brain and your subconscious mind the ability to be able to concentrate on the task you set. If you have a million and one things going on in the background, then you are never going to produce your best work.

Publishing regularly is better than writing great content once in a blue moon. Being consistent and showing up is what will make the difference between a blog that is updated haphazardly or one thoughtfully constructed around a regular publishing schedule.

Schedule Blogging Time With No Distractions.

I like to write my stuff early in the morning before I start dealing with emails and other distractions. Start with just an hour a day and build up slowly to a couple of hours. As you improve, you'll find you can get an increasing amount done in this "sacred" time.

Make Blogging Your Priority

Website owners who pay for inexpensive blog articles don't give their website the respect it deserves. Being serious about your blog content is a required step to making it a success.

If you are going to write a blog, then write it with heart and soul. Research your subject correctly and produce something that your audience will love reading.

So that's a wrap! Now you have all the tools and knowledge to go and create your blogging masterpiece. No successful blog was created in a day, and if you want proof of that, pick any of your favourite websites and go back in time to see what they looked like when they started out.

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