Quick Twitter Wins For Time Pressed Small Business Owners

You've read my introduction to Twitter marketing and made the decision to use the Twitter social media marketing (SMM) platform as part of your digital marketing masterplan.

It's an astonishing fact that over 6,000 tweets per second are sent into the ethersphere. With that kind of competition for eyeballs, it is no stretch of the imagination to see why the majority of Twitter social media accounts are bereft of any interaction. Getting Twitter marketing "right" is no mean feat.

Whichever social media platform you choose, there is an optimum method of distributing your content and the following tips will help you to present Your Twitter feed in the best light possible and give you the best shot at building a following.

Quick Win Number One - Create A Great Twitter Profile

Keep your Twitter user handle as short as possible so that people can easily remember you and keep it the same across all of your social media profiles. You can use Namechk to see what is available before committing to a user name only to find out that it is not available on other channels.

Invest in some great graphics for your Twitter user profile. Once created, the header graphic can be reused on Facebook or Linkedin if you are planning to use those social media platforms as well, and it will keep everything uniform.

In a sense, your Twitter profile is like a business card, and you have limited space to make a first impression. Succinctly say why you are awesome and why people should follow you and include the link to your website.

Quick Win Number Two - Be Authentic

In my introduction to Twitter marketing, I encourage you to go and find similar companies to yours and identify how well their Twitter marketing is working for them. Once you've established that there is a precedent for wading far out into the murky waters of SMM, then you can use the same techniques to build your own following.

But that doesn't mean you should copy them word for word. A crucial part of being successful is being authentic, and authenticity by definition cannot be copied.

I copy and steal ideas all the time. You may be horrified to hear me say that, but it's been going on ever since the concept of "business" was created. Companies continually copy or ape products as soon as the patent runs out, and they can legally enter the market, improving the product or service and reducing the cost.

However, copying things word for word is not only going to get you into trouble with the plagiarism police, but it's also a futile exercise. If you have no chutzpah to add to the conversation, no original thoughts or ideas, then how can you expect to generate an ardent following?

Bring original ideas to the party and improve on those that already exist. Without authenticity, you'll never rise above the insane noise levels on Twitter.

Quick Win Number Three - Customer Service

When things go wrong, or a product or service doesn't come up to scratch, then people often take to Twitter to vent their frustration. You can use this to your advantage by monitoring for mentions of your brand name and replying with an offer to help in a timely fashion.

I like to use mention.com, but a quick Google search will give you plenty of options for monitoring social media.

If a Tweet isn't going to solve your customers' problem, then include a link to a help page or document or ask the customer to email you for more assistance.

In addition to offering customer support directly, you can also proactively help with customer problems that may be related to your product or service. Also, once you start monitoring for mentions of your brand name, hopefully, you'll get to retweet all the beautiful things people say about you. They do say nice things, right?

Quick Win Number Four - Use Twitter Advanced Search

Twitter is a melting pot of words with millions of users and trillions of tweets. Trying to make sense of subjects and do research is not Twitter's strong point. But hidden away amongst Twitter's feature set is an advanced search tool that makes research a more viable proposition.

To access the advanced search tool, enter your search term into the Twitter search bar as you normally would. Once you press return, you'll see a "search filters" box appear in the top left of your Twitter page. From here, you can access the advanced search Twitter tool.

The advanced search fields enable you to explore Twitter's outer reaches:

"all of these words" will help ensure you're narrowing in on a specific query

"any of these words" will broaden your research scope

"none of these words" to exclude irrelevant search information

"these hashtags" will find favourite topics.

"from account" and "to account" to see interactions between specific people

"mentioning these accounts" to see who's talking about you

Quick Win Number Five - Tweet Your Quora Answers

If you haven't used the question and answer website "Quora" yet, then you may want to take another look. The latest financing round values the platform at a staggering $2 billion.

Quora offers all the information that you want to know but didn't know there was an answer for. By answering questions and then tweeting out your answer, you can establish yourself as an expert in your chosen field very quickly.

Quick Win Number Six - Pinned Tweets

Pinning a tweet means that it appears at the top of the page in your Twitter profile. You can change the pinned tweet as many times as you like, and it will stay at the top of the page no matter how old it is.

Pinning tweets is an excellent strategy for highlighting a promotion your company is running or an event you are hosting or even sending traffic to a landing page. Get creative with your pinned tweets and highlight your best work.

There you have it, six fantastic tips to get your Twitter marketing campaign out of the starting gate and into the race.

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