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Business Promotional Video

Make A Business Promotional Video


Put My Crackerjack Digital Marketing Team To Work On Your Next Project!

Why Create A Business Promotional Video?

Did you know that half a billion people watch videos on Facebook every single day?

That's a lot of video watching, but it's not the end of the story because adding YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and other channels into the mix easily doubles up that figure! Online video is here to stay.

You can use promotional videos in many different ways, but perhaps their most potent application is an online sales tool or lead generation device. They're not only highly engaging, but they also provide a way for potential customers to see what you do before they even pick up the phone or visit your website - which means more leads and ultimately more conversions!

Promotional Videos Are An Effective Digital Marketing Tool


Traditionally the cost of producing promotional videos has been out of reach for many small businesses - until now.


Video Productions or Mini Movies enable small business owners – butchers, bakers and candlestick makers – to showcase their business with a short customisable sequence of video edits that make up a mini-movie or short animation clip.


Short promo videos are an affordable way for any company to get noticed online by potential customers who are looking for what they have to offer.

All you need is a brief, some customer testimonials and/or images of your product or service in action. Our video production team will take it from there, scripting, filming and editing the footage to produce a short eye-catching video that will promote your company online.

A two-minute promotional video is a perfect tool when you're looking to launch or promote something new, such as a product or service. 

Animation Videos For Social Media


A short animation is a brilliant addition to traditional website design and other social media marketing channels. 

Animated promo videos are especially eye-catching and draw attention on social media platforms. They are also a great way to communicate complex ideas quickly and easily.


Animated videos can be used for a variety of purposes, such as introducing your company, promoting a new product or service, highlighting your team or culture, or thanking customers for their support. Whatever your goal, an animated video can help you achieve it more effectively than other forms of communication.

Pick The Right Video Format

The first step is to pick the correct format for your video. You have a few options here: animated explainer videos, live-action videos, or screencasts.


Each has its strengths and weaknesses, so choose the best fit for your needs.

Keep It Short And To The Point

You’ll find that it’s much easier to get viewers engaged in a short video than one with lengthy content.


Keep your videos between 90 and 120 seconds long, so you can avoid losing people mid-way through the clip. On top of this, make sure they are succinct: don’t include any fluff or filler!


You want to convey critical information as quickly and efficiently as possible – anything else will be counterproductive for your business promotion campaign, meaning no rambling about things like ‘margins’ or ‘pricing structures’;


Keep it concise and straightforward (and ideally memorable). If you need more time to get your point across, create two different videos linked together.


Animated Explainer Video

An Animated explainer video is a great way to go when you need to convey a lot of information and keep your customer focused. These short videos are short and eye-catching, and they can communicate a lot of information in a very brief amount of time. Plus, they're perfect for getting the word out about new products or services!


Easy Video Creation

You don't have to be an expert at video production or animation - we do all that for you! We'll work with you every step of the way to create something that captures who you are and what makes your business unique.


Our team will help guide you through the process from start to finish, making sure everything is how it should be and creating a storyboard template before we even begin animating anything. 

And once we've finished with our creative magic, our talented voiceover artists will bring life (literally) into your story by adding their unique touch with professional narration. It's like having Tony Robbins himself tell people why they should buy from YOU! 


How Long Does It Take To Create A Promotional Video?

Creating a promotional video is not easy. You need the right script, location, equipment and actors all at your disposal. Most importantly, you will have to spend long hours editing it to be perfect. All of this takes time that many companies cannot afford when trying to launch their product or service.

We make creating a promo video simple with our professional team, who can help develop the script and handle every aspect of production from filming on-location through post-production editing so that you can focus on what's essential - launching your business!

Our team has years of experience in creating content and making promotional videos and know how important every detail is perfect on camera and behind-the-scenes. So whether your goal is brand awareness or conversion rate optimisation, we can ensure that each second of your video clip conveys the right message.

Turnaround time for promo video production is quick, typically your promotional video will be ready within two weeks after completing the requirements gathering, and we'll keep you updated during the creation process. You can revise your requirements until the point at which the promo video goes into production.

Video Aspect Ratio

Since most of our promo videos, mini-movies and animations are used on social media (Twitter, Instagram etc.), we generally work in the square aspect ratio (1080px x 1080px) as this is the best format for mobile and tablet devices.


We can also create widescreen aspect promo videos suitable for Youtube upon request.


Request A Free Quote

Please ask for our FREE, no-obligation quote! We can advise you on costs to create a company promotional video and suggest producing an outstanding mini-movie to keep your audience engaged and promote your business.



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