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 Professional Website Redesign Services 

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Website Redesign Services To Turbocharge Your Online Business 

When we redesign your website, our primary goal is to improve your bottom line.

We do this by increasing your website's ability to convert visitors into customers and achieve your overall marketing objectives.


The website redesign process makes sure all of the pages on your website are easy to navigate, visually appealing and contain compelling content that tells your story.

The website redesign service is more than just "making it pretty" or giving it a facelift. A successful redesign of your current website makes everything consistent across the entire platform so that you stand out from the competition and people click on what they're supposed to.

That means understanding your audience, their needs and how they interact with websites like yours (the competition).


A great web design company focuses on usability and conversions, not templates or trends. Our job is to make sure we understand who you are as an organisation and what you want people to do when they get to your website.

Think of it this way: A redesign is similar to renovating an old building. 

We don't try to "modernise" it by ripping out all the charm and character that makes it unique, just like we don't try to invent new features for your current website or cram in unnecessary conversion points.

Instead, we look at how people interact with the space, accommodate their needs and improve its flow so everyone can understand how to navigate within the older framework.

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Website Redesign Services From We Build Stores

Whether you're looking for a complete website redesign or want help with updating specific parts of your current website, our experts can help you reach your goals. We use toolsets that allow you full control over your website and the ability to manage it yourself.

The benefits of our website redesign services include better search engine optimisation (SEO), easy-to-find pages, increased conversions and a revamped design that means more visitors become customers.

Web Redesign Services We Offer:

  • Customised solutions, so your site reflects your company's identity, all within the confines of usability and modern technology​

  • Expert advice on how to optimise your website, so you get found by new potential customers every day.

We work with you to provide your website with a complete makeover, keeping in mind all your old content and making it look up-to-date, applying new web design techniques so customers will enjoy browsing through each page of your site. 

Each website is unique, so we study it before building upon its foundation.

Specifically, this includes how people interact with the website's layout and what they find most engaging about the current product or service offering. 

We ensure that every element on the redesigned website works in synergy for increased conversions and sales opportunities.

As professional web designers, we guarantee to create an attractive, mobile-friendly website that will engage your customers and encourage them to stay on your site for longer.

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What Do Our Website Redesign Services Include?

Everything you need to transform your website from that underperforming couch potato into a dynamic go-getter working to provide you with new sales and leads 24/7

Our website redesign services are personalised to meet your exact needs. We'll explore the current state of your website, analyse it critically for any shortcomings, and make specific recommendations based on our findings to create a website that matches your expectations.

Our analysis considers your website elements, from its look and feel to how it flows from one page to another. 

Once we have a clear picture of your website's strengths and weaknesses, we will create a clear plan for improvement with achievable goals. 

The next step is taking your vision and translating it into a design that matches the strategy outlined in our project plan.

We use various tools to help us ensure you receive an efficient, customised experience. From regular user testing sessions with real users (and their feedback) to A/B testing (comparing different versions of webpages), we're committed to using the best practices for improving conversion rates while maintaining efficiency and value.

Our project management workflow includes:

  • Listening to your needs, vision, and goals

  • Performing a website analysis to uncover critical issues

  • Creating an improvement plan based on our findings

  • Setting up analytics and testing programs to monitor the success of the new site

  • Launching the new site design!

For professional services from a website redesign company that will achieve your short-term goals and exceed your long-term expectations, give us a call today.

Website Redesign Platforms We Build On

Shopify Website Redesign

Creating a polished and user-friendly website for retailers is essential to ensuring customer satisfaction. The Shopify platform facilitates the design process, allowing e-commerce owners to focus on product presentation.

The website redesign project begins with consultations between your company and an experienced web designer. 

The developer will assess your website to determine what aspects should be improved. This includes functionality, readability, visual appeal and more. Frontend changes can consist of a new design template and customisations to existing templates. 

If necessary, use additional plugins to make a functional website that aligns with your brand's identity.
A key component of website redesign services offered by our company is testing the site after development is completed. Specialised software simulates customer activity on the site to ensure that all pages are functional and meet your expectations.

After the website redesign, you can access detailed reports for analysis.

EKM Website Redesign

EKM is one of the UK's most popular eCommerce solutions and we are experts in EKM website design.


While redesigning your store, the EKM team will check for broken links on existing pages and perform additional website maintenance tasks to ensure that your online store runs smoothly.

When you work with our EKM Web Design team you'll gain access to our top-notch customer service representatives who are available to answer any questions that you have regarding your project.

In addition, every website redesign project undertaken by our EKM team includes a dedicated account manager who will provide weekly updates and additional information for clients throughout the website redesign process.

Wix Website Redesign

If you've built a website using WIX and it needs a professional touch, then our Wix website redesign team can bring it up to speed and make it the life and soul of the party.

Our professional WIX redesign services can bring any WIX website off the life support machine and ensure it looks good on all devices and browsers (desktop/mobile).

Our services make sure your Wix site is mobile-friendly and digital real estate to showcase all things shiny and bright.

The WIX website redesign process starts by analysing your Wix website's performance, traffic stats, bounce rate, keywords used in search engines etc. 

Our Wix team can then transform any Wix design into a well-oiled machine that grabs attention (and sales) like an iPhone 13 when you drop it on concrete.

Get in touch today for a free consultation and get your website redesign project off to a great start.


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