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PRE-MADE Logos & Podcast Cover-art

You might be familiar with the adage, "I don't know what I want, but I'll recognise it when I see it?"

If you ask a Graphic Designer if this ideology is seen in graphic design and just how often the work complies with the respective client's design brief (or lack thereof), their response might surprise you.

Some Designers will tell you that work/design brief compliance is a 50/50 split, but others will tell you it seldom happens. Some graphic designers suggest that disparity between the work and the design brief is the norm rather than the exception.



We posed the following question to our graphic design team: on average, how close is the finished design to the specifications outlined by the client in the design brief? The responses ranged from "Only if the client provides a sketch or sample" to "What design brief? (referencing the Spartan nature of some briefs) to "Rarely happens, if ever".


Honest designers will sympathise with this predicament!

If making things easy sounds like designer cynicism towards the client, honest designers will tell you that it is not because they (designers) realise the predicament of a client who is paying money (in some but not all cases) to produce and deliver something that they (the client) hasn't seen. Who could be envious of that problem? Indeed, not a designer because they are acutely aware of this dilemma, and this is where the adage "I don't know what I want, but I'll recognise it when I see it" is best served by referring clients to PRE-MADE Logos and Podcast Cover-Art.


Our PRE-MADE logos and Podcast cover-art designs are wide-ranging enough (we're adding new ones all the time) for a potential client to pinpoint a design they like, and we simply have to edit the titles and colours before handing over the project files. Files that comply with industry standards (EPS, PDF, PNG, JPG and master vectors)

If, however, the client only likes specific elements from one design but doesn't like the whole thing or would like to combine elements from one design with another, we can do that too, and in doing so, the client will have a better idea of how things will turn out, so they (the client) won't have to work so hard trying to explain to a bubblehead designer what they (the client) is looking for

Clarity and ease of communication are other reasons why our PRE-MADE logo and PODcast Cover-Art selections can be helpful (to clients and our designers alike). They separate amateurs from pros. It's no good building a website that doesn't convert. You might not have started in the first place!

Discover Our Collection of PRE-MADE Logos and Podcast Cover-Art Today!

Our carefully curated selection of pre-made designs offers a broad spectrum of styles, themes, and colours, allowing you to connect instantly with a design that speaks to you. From sleek and modern logos to dynamic and engaging podcast covers, our gallery constantly expands with new, innovative designs.

Why Choose Pre-Made?

  • Instant Recognition: Find a design that resonates with your brand identity without the back-and-forth of custom work.

  • Quick Customisation: Love a design but want it tweaked? We'll adjust titles, colours, and elements to make it perfect for you.

  • Guaranteed Compliance: Our pre-made designs adhere to industry standards, ensuring you receive high-quality files ready for immediate use (EPS, PDF, PNG, JPG, and master vectors).

Whether you're starting fresh or rebranding, our pre-made logos and podcast covers offer a straightforward solution, providing clarity and ease. Don't let the challenge of articulating your vision deter you from achieving the perfect design for your brand.

Ready to find the design you'll recognise as 'the one'? 

Please browse our selection now and take the first step towards effortless branding.

Let us bridge the gap between your vision and reality quickly and professionally. Your perfect logo or podcast cover awaits!



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