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Do you want to put my crackerjack website design team to work on your next project?

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  • Are there hidden fees?
    The only setup fee is your first month's payment, there are no other setup fees or start-up costs. It is a simple monthly payment that covers the design process, registration and support of your website.
  • Am I tied to any long-term contracts
    If you opt for the monthly payment package, yes, it will be a minimum 12-month term. We do this because we have to invest considerable time in the initial stages of the project and establish certain registrations on your behalf. We hope, of course, that you'll be so satisfied with our service that you'll extend beyond that 12-month period.
  • What happens after 12 months? Do I still have to pay?
    If you opt for the monthly payment package, yes, you pay for the life-term of the website, but please keep in mind that this price includes your hosting and unlimited support.
  • What if I don't like the design?
    We'll just keep designing your website until you are completely happy with it and we'll happily take onboard your specific requests and preferences.
  • Will you also design my logo?
    Yes, absolutely! We are able to design just about anything and it's not just restricted to logos! We can also design your business cards, leaflets and a wide range of other things.
  • Can I just have a custom logo design (without web design)?
    Yes, stand-alone logo designs are totally possible and welcome!
  • Will I be the website owner?
    Yes, the website is yours and, after the initial 12 month period, you would be able to transfer it to another host but you would lose the support that we have provided and you would not be able to update it through our content management system. Furthermore, you would need to find a new web and graphic designer plus someone capable of setting up the site elsewhere.

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