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 Incidental Graphics

Incidental graphics on a website is what seasoning is to food


In an era where mobile responsiveness is paramount, it's important that incidental graphics adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes. As with any graphic element, we ensure that these details do not compromise load times or interfere with the mobile experience.

Essentially we try to make them functional while looking nice on the page and "looking nice" is the only thing that really matters

More than Backgrounds
We create Backgrounds and gentle patterns or textures to give depth to a plain background  and we can also do this with Borders and Dividers that feature Artistic lines and illustrations to break up content in an appealing way

It's not so easy to demonstrate specific incidental graphics that will be immediately elevant to your website or circumstances, so we are happy to discuss your requirements - even if you are simply looking for graphics not an actual website


Logo Design Gallery

The True Cost Of Logo Design

When business owners get involved in the logo design process online, they often get frustrated with the experience. What is your time worth to you?


How many hours will you spend getting something as fundamentally important as a logo design to the stage where it is presentable to your customers?


Multiply these hours by your hourly rate to see why creating a brand identity when you are not a professional graphic designer is an ineffective strategy.


Good logo design has its roots in versatility (being used across a variety of online and printed media) and recognition.


Your logo design should inspire trust and convey authority or admiration.


Remember that you will be holding up your candle to hundreds of other competitors in your niche, all vying for attention in an increasingly cluttered marketplace.


If your logo design is so important, why would you give an amateur the job? Let us show you some business logo design ideas and design the perfect logo for you.

A great logo designer who understands the design process will produce a professional logo for you to a very high standard. 


Contact A Great Logo Design Company Today!


What Makes A Good Logo Design?

Do you know the difference between bitmap generated designs and vector art?


Do you know why there are so many standards for graphic images on the web (png, jpg, gif etc.)?


Do you know why that logo design you've seen looks great, but you can't come close to replicating it for your means? 


Custom logo design involves solving a problem and not just making a pretty picture.


Professional logo designers work with many skill sets and programs to achieve the end goal, including tools like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. This is married to an innate creative ability to visualise a concept.


Sometimes a custom logo design will be unmistakable and can be made quickly. The creative design concepts can be a laborious process and take many hours.


Good logo design is the product of many years of experience and good use of available tools.


But isn't that true of any profession? Would you get under the hood of your brand new Mercedes to give it a service? Probably not, although all the manuals and information you need to get the job done are online.


It's not worth getting involved, and you are better off leaving the task to a logo design company.

Creating Your Brand Identity


How do you estimate yearly sales revenue when you put the numbers into your spreadsheet for your new business plan?


Unless you have prior industry experience, have worked for a competitor in a similar market, or have access to someone else's sales data, you are merely plucking numbers out of thin air.

Sales budget forecasts always tend to be overly optimistic, as any financial adviser will testify, so how do you come up with some viable numbers?


Without Goals To Aim For, There Can Be No Game.


Relying on revenues from a new website design can be particularly haphazard for a startup business.


It takes consistent effort over time (12 months or so) to begin making a dent in the search engine rankings, and that in turn depends on many factors like the amount of competition you have and how healthy margins are in your niche.


Predicting sales revenue in this environment is very much hit and miss.

Pay per click marketing (PPC) is one way of generating fast revenue, but unless you are good at conversion optimisation AND have a great product, it is also a way to lose money quickly.


You'll need to be adept at crafting winning landing pages, writing great headlines and building a super sales funnel using analytics tools.


You can quickly make a PPC model on someone else's established practice, but you won't know that it works until you have spent the money and eliminated the poor performing keywords.

For any startup, trying to understand what can be achieved and at what time scale can be befuddling, but here is a Phial of Galadriel to help you see your way in the dark.


Concentrate On Local Markets


All the social media marketing guru's tell you to think big and go for the big idea.


This is the wrong way to approach internet marketing unless you are backed with deep pockets or heading for an IPO. For the rest of us, this means concentrating on local markets first and establishing a base from which all future expansion can take place.

Local digital marketing is a lot less expensive than trying to take on significant search terms from the outset. You can use Google my business as your first outpost and utilise local search engine listings which will have far less competition.


They won't bring a horde of consumers all armed with smartphones and Samsung Pay banging on your door but it is a start and the links gained will serve you well.

Add your site to the niche search engines in your field.


Here are some great places to get your site listed quickly and for free:


Optimising For Global Reach

Streamline your website for the best possible global reach through on-page search engine optimisation (SEO). 

This involves using a spreadsheet to track every page on your website and record every page title, article heading and meta description.

If this seems like a lot of work, then it is! Particularly if you have an extensive product site, keeping track of all your pages in a spreadsheet is the way to generate excellent search engine traffic.

Success on the SEO battlefield is hard-won, and nothing is gained quickly. It takes a lot of patience and discipline to see results from SEO, and this is something most people don't have time for.

Organic search engine traffic

Building Your Universal Brand Identity

Your business will be different from mine, but we have the same aims and goals. Gain customers, provide them with a great product or service, and profit.

Building a universal brand extends building on your local business success. But you can also use subtle imagery and slogans designed to help broaden your appeal to broader markets from the outset.


For example, this logo design would be perfect for a roving photographer or writer. Changing the slogan alters the perception of the business.

Instead of using the same cliched imagery as every other photographer (think wedding photographers), by using unique imagery, you can elevate your brand above the usual dull and insipid designs that proliferate on most websites.


What We'll Need To Get Started:

For our logo designer to produce a great logo for you, first of all, we'll need a logo design brief. This is where you give us all the ingredients we need to bake the cake.


You will need to tell us:


  • What your business does or a website address.

  • What is the overall goal of the new branding project (for example a bespoke logo for our new website that can also be used for livery on our delivery trucks)?

  • What is your unique selling proposition (USP)?

  • Is this a new logo design or an update of an old logo design?

  • Do you have any examples of work you like?


Please use the contact form to get in touch with our logo design services.


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