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Content Studio Review

Find Out If Content Studio Is The Right Choice For Your Social Media Campaigns


Content Studio Review - The Best Social Media Management Scheduling Software

Last Updated: 16/05/2022

Author: Tony Cooper

Content Studio Review

Content Studio Quick Overview

Ease Of Use: 








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Content Studio Overview

Content Studio Overview

After a two year search for a solution to our social media management posting woes, I came across Content Studio and instantly knew it was going to be the right tool for us.


​Whether you are an individual regularly posting to multiple social media accounts or a digital agency looking for a social media management tool to manage your clients' social media campaigns, Content Studio has everything you need to take the load off and make your life a lot easier at pain-free pricing points.

Many social media scheduling tools are on the market, and I've tried most of them with mixed results. The lack of features on some platforms makes them no better than manually putting your social media campaigns together. But Content Studio solves all of these problems and helps you plan your content in a structured manner.


Contact me if you need help running your social media campaign.

Content Studio works by connecting the social media accounts you want to use via an API to a single publishing dashboard, in this way you can create one social media post and then push it out to your chosen social media channels with one click.

There are plenty of inherent problems to solve with this approach including major issues like image size and text length and individual platform requirements that need to be satisfied so I'll discuss how these are addressed and help you decide whether or not to spend your valuable time on the free trial.

At A Glance Features

Name: Content Studio


Year Established: 2018

Websites Built: 4 M

Trial Offer: Free Trial

Support Options:






Professional $49 Pm 


Small Agency $99 Pm 


Medium Agency $199 Pm

Large Agency $299 pm

Who Should Use Content Studio

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Everyone is touting social media as the last word in your technicolour marketing dreams, but is that genuinely the case? This article will give you some answers and help you define a social media marketing strategy for your growing company.

Who Should Use Content Studio?

Content Studio is the perfect tool for content creators, digital agencies, and both small and large businesses.

If you're an individual content creator looking for a way to post your content to multiple social media channels quickly, Content Studio is a great solution. The platform makes it easy to create and schedule content, and you can connect all of your social media accounts so that you can post with one click. 

Digital agencies can use Content Studio to manage their clients' social media campaigns. The platform makes it easy to create content, schedule posts, and track results so that you can see what's working and optimise your campaigns accordingly.

Businesses of all sizes can use Content Studio to streamline their social media efforts and save time and money. It's like having your own in house social media agency but without the associated staff overhead. Of course, it will take some learning and getting used to, but the results will be well worth the time invested.

Pricing plans are available to suit each type of user and you can easily upgrade or downgrade your plan to suit without losing any data so it is a very flexible setup.

Quickly Grow Your Social Media Following Using Content Studio

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Content Studio Pros

Content can be posted to multiple social media channels with one click:


Add your social media channels to your workspace and voila! Post your new content to all channels with one click of the mouse.

Content can be created and scheduled in advance:


The beautiful calendar view will show you what is scheduled to be published and you can also scroll back through time to easily see what has already been posted.

Content can be easily repurposed and reused:


If you like the concept of "Evergreen" content, then Content Studio has you covered. You can manually duplicate an old post and republish it or queue up your best content in the "Evergreen" category. 

Content can be tracked and results analysed:


The social analytics section will give you profile performances and an array of statistical data to help you put your finger on what works for your social media campaigns.

New features are added regularly:

Facebook carousel posting, Tik Tok integration and "best time to post" are all recently added features and the pace of updates is frequent.

Content Studio Cons

No editing of previous posts:


You can see why the developers have this option on the "to do" list. After all, why would you want to edit a post that has already been published?

What if you work in a team and someone wants to duplicate an older post and reuse it today? If the original has spelling mistakes or out of date links then these flaws are going to be duplicated to the new post.

The calendar default view is not editable:


The week starts on a Sunday but for many of us, we like to plan from Monday to Sunday.

Poor media sorting tools

This is nitpicking, but I'd like to be able to sort and reorder the images in the media library by platform or image size.

Most people use one image size (usually a rectangle) for all of their social media channels, but the optimum size is different for each channel. The tools for finding and sorting images need to be improved.

Of course, you can improve all software, and in the hands of competent developers, you would have a feedback tool so that users can vote for their requirements, and the most requested feature is the next to be developed on the roadmap. Bravo Content Studio!

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Ease Of Use

How Easy Is Content Studio To Use?

If you are familiar with Trello, you'll be right at home with Content Studio. If not, you should pick up the idea of Workspaces pretty quickly.

If you are a single digital creator, all you need is one Workspace, the container for all of your social media accounts (up to 10), team members (yourself), blog connections, and post automation.

Things get a little bit more complicated when you start adding more Workspaces, but the central premise is the same - Workspaces contain the framework for each client, and then you can add team members to manage each Workspace.


The admin levels are self-explanatory with Super Admin, Admin, Collaborator and Approver levels.

As well as adding team members to each Workspace, you can also add external client members who can view and approve posts before they are published, which is a massive time saver and a great workflow idea.

For the individual user, everything is straightforward. If you are a digital agency, you'll need an admin person with a basic understanding of user permissions to help set everything up correctly.

Some of the automation set-ups also require a bit of technical knowledge. You'll need to input Youtube API strings and have the account information available for integration or other link shorteners.

So that's the technical side. From a user experience (UX) perspective everything is nicely laid out and easy to find. All of your scheduling and post information is found in the main dashboard and all of the setup information is neatly tucked away on a dropdown menu. 

Overall I would say Content Studio is easy to use but it might take you several attempts to get the perfect blend of categories and scheduling times that you are happy with so expect some experimentation time.

Scheduling Posts Using Content Studio

Content Studio makes it easy to schedule your content ahead of time so you can focus on other tasks and know that your content is taken care of

Create a new post, and then click on the "Schedule" tab. You can select the date and time that you want your content to be published. You can also choose to publish your content immediately if you prefer.

One of the great things about using Content Studio to schedule your content is that you can set up a content recurrence, so you can have your content automatically republished at regular intervals, perfect for evergreen content or content you want to keep in front of your audience consistently. 

When you're ready to publish your content, click on the "Publish" button, which will push out your content to all of your connected social media accounts. It's that easy!


A Note About The Social Media Composer

Whilst you can use the same image and text for your social media post, it's notable that Content studio includes the ability to compose each post individually so that you can customise the message for each channel.

In our experience, using the same 1500x1500 px image across all of your social media accounts for the same post is not the way to go, and you should customise the image size for each channel accordingly.

This does create initial extra work, but once you have the post-setup, you can easily duplicate it and use it again, so whilst you will lose time in the preparation in the short term, in the long term, you will be a massive winner.

In addition to the image size, you also have to consider that the text lengths vary across each platform and so if you are going to use the exact text for each post, you'll be stuck with the Twitter character limit, and that's being lazy.

It is much better to customise each post individually and take the time to make them look good when you have the software that has that capability.

Scheduling Posts

The Beautiful Content Studio Calendar View



Wouldn't it be great if you could curate the most popular posts on a topic from around the web and then schedule them to be posted in your social media feed to the channels you select?

Content Studio lets you use their "Automation" recipes to make social media management a breeze.

Article Links To Social Media

Share article links on your social media profiles, pages and groups with intelligent rules and filters.

First of all, you build a query using some base keywords, for example, "artificial writing".


Then you can refine your query using a series of search operators to narrow down the search scope. You can also exclude keywords and domain names that you don't want to appear in the results.


One of the features I like about this tool is the little checkbox that says "don't include results without an image" so that you populate your feed with nice-looking images. 


As well as finding and curating content you can also create automation for Youtube videos, publish article links from your blog directly to social media or schedule multiple messages to your social media channels via CSV import.

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Content Studio Automations


Creating Social Media Posts

The "Composer" is where all the magic happens and where you will spend most of your time creating your viral masterpiece. But first of all, you have to create categories that will be your post receptacles.

The approach I took was to create a category for each section like this:

  • Blog Posts

  • Pay Monthly Websites - Monday

  • Video - Tuesday

  • Social Media - Wednesday

  • Reviews - Thursday

  • Services - Friday

  • Latest Blog - Saturday

  • Logo Design - Sunday.

Once I had started to populate each category, I added a further "Evergreen" category that we continued to add to and started scheduling daily blog posts to increase the tempo.

Each category has a time slot allocated to it. So if you add a new post to the category, it automatically goes into the queue and the next available time slot.

There are many ways of designing your perfect post schedule, but this should give you a good idea of the power under the hood.

Social Media Posts
Social Media Posts

Queue Slots


Planning Content Using Content Studio

There are many options for designing your social media campaigns in Content Studio so I will run through them for you so that you can see the extraordinary level of control you have over post scheduling.

Post Now

The simplest scheduling form means that your content will go out as soon as you hit publish. If you have ever scheduled a post on any other platform, this will be familiar to you.

However, if you want more control over when your content goes out, then there are other options available to you:

Schedule for Later

Set an exact date and time for your content to go out, applicable if you want to make sure your content goes out at a specific time or if you're going to stagger the release of different pieces of content.

You can also use this feature to schedule content in advance,


Add To Queue


Set up a continuous stream of content without having to create new pieces constantly. Add the content you want to go out into the queue, and Content Studio will automatically post it for you at regular intervals.


You can also use this feature to schedule content in advance, which is great if you know you won't have time to create new content for a while but still want to keep your social media platforms active.



Add To Content category


Another excellent way to keep a steady stream of content. Still, with this method, you can group similar pieces of content and Content Studio will automatically post them for you at regular intervals.


This is perfect if you have a lot of evergreen content that you want to share regularly. Add it to a content category, and Content Studio will do the rest.




If you want to have complete control over when your content goes out, you can create a draft and Content Studio will not post it until you hit the publish button.


It's brilliant if you want to create a bunch of content in advance and then schedule it all to go out at once or if you want to make sure a piece of content is perfect before you hit publish.


So there you have it, a complete guide to scheduling content using Content Studio. As you can see, there are many different ways to do it so you can tailor your content strategy to suit your needs. 

Planning Content

Analysing Statistics analytics provides powerful insights into your audience's social media behaviour. It gives you detailed information about your audience, what they're talking about, and how they interact with your content. 

With this valuable information, you can adjust your content strategy to engage your audience better and achieve your business goals. 

Additionally, analytics can help you identify influencers and brand ambassadors within your target market. By building relationships with these key individuals, you can amplify your reach and engage your target market further. 

Analysing Statistics
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Content Studio Customer Support

Content Studio has excellent customer support, and they are quick to respond to questions and issues. They are also very helpful in solving problems. 

  • Phone support

  • Social media support

  • Community forum

  • Email support

  • In-depth knowledge base

Customer Support

Content Studio Pricing

Content Studio Pricing

Content Studio Review Summary

Content Studio is the best social media scheduling software I have used, and I tried out all of the main competitors before settling on this software.

The software interface is easy to use, with well thought out admin tools, and the scheduling calendar lets you see all of your posts laid out in all their glory for the week to come.

The pricing is very competitive, and this is the best value software in this category by a long streak.

If you know different, let me know in the comments!

Over to you to go and create your digital masterpiece!

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