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Gain More Google Reviews With These Expert Marketing Techniques

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

When new customers take the Business Growth Package, we first work on formulating a plan to gain more Google reviews. Appearing in the local search results is the quickest and least expensive way to begin generating new enquiries for your new business, but it only works if you have some five-star reviews to kick things off.

Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organisations to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. Verifying and editing your business information can help customers find you, contact you, and learn more about your business.

When people interact with your company, they can leave a review on your Google Business profile, but rather than sit back and hope there are some proactive measures you can take to keep the reviews flowing.

Google reviews are an essential part of any business's online presence. They help with your search engine ranking and give potential customers a glimpse into what it would be like to do business with you. That's why getting as many positive reviews as possible is essential. In this blog post, we will share over a dozen tips on how to get more Google reviews for your business.

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Make It Easy For Customers To Leave A Review

The first step is to make it as easy as possible for your customers to leave a review. You can provide them with a direct link to your Google listing. You can add a "Review Us on Google" button or badge to your website or emails.

Include Your Google Review Link In Transactional Material

Every time you send an invoice or receipt to a client, you could also send them a link to leave you a google review.

You can also add it to your email signature so that it appears automatically every time you send an email. This is a great way to increase the visibility of your reviews and get more people to leave feedback. Plus, it's great to show your clients that you value their opinion.

Send Follow-Up Emails After Transactions

Another great way to get more reviews is to send follow-up emails after every transaction. In these emails, you can include a link to your Google listing and ask the customer to leave a review if they are satisfied with their experience.

Use Social Media To Promote Your Reviews

Social media is an excellent platform for promoting your Google reviews. You can share positive reviews on your own social media channels, or you can even run ads that feature your Google reviews.

Respond To All Reviews

It's vital to respond to all your Google reviews, both positive and negative, showing that you are engaging with your customers and taking their feedback seriously. When responding to negative reviews, take the conversation offline so you can resolve the issue privately.

Encourage Employees And Team Members To Leave Reviews

Another great way to get more Google reviews is to encourage your employees and team members to leave them. You can offer incentives, such as gift cards or bonuses.

Run A Contest Or Giveaway

Running a contest or giveaway is another great way to get more reviews. You can promote the competition on your website and social media channels and require participants to leave a review to enter. Just be sure to follow all of Google's guidelines for running contests.

Partner With Other Businesses In Your Industry

Partnering with other businesses in your industry is a great way to get more exposure and generate more reviews. You can promote each other's businesses on your websites and social media channels and even team up to run joint contests or giveaways.

Host An Event Or Webinar

Hosting an event or webinar will get more exposure for your business. You can promote the event on your website and social media channels and include a link to your Google listing in the promotional materials. After the event, you can follow up with attendees and ask them to leave a review.

Make It A Part Of Your Regular Marketing Efforts

Make sure that getting Google reviews is a part of your regular marketing efforts, incorporating it into your overall strategy and budget and setting aside time each week or month to solicit reviews actively.

Use Negative Reviews As An Opportunity To Improve

While getting negative reviews is not ideal, they can be an excellent opportunity to improve your business. Use negative reviews as feedback so that you can make changes and prevent future issues.

Keep Track Of Your Progress

Keep track of your progress over time to see how your efforts are paying off. You can track the number of reviews you get each week or month and your average rating.

Embed Google Reviews On Your Website

One way to get more exposure for your Google reviews is to embed them on your website. You can add a widget to your site that displays your most recent reviews or even showcase a selection of positive reviews on specific pages, such as your home page or product pages.

Hire A Reputation Management Company

If you need help getting Google reviews or managing your online reputation, consider hiring a reputation management company. We can help you get more reviews, respond to negative reviews, and improve your online presence.

Following these tips can get more Google reviews and improve your online presence. Google reviews are essential to your business's reputation and can help you attract more customers. So ensure you're actively soliciting reviews and taking advantage of their benefits.




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